JOHN LENNON: Barefoot in Nutopia
An insider’s story of his last years
by Mike Tree

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Author’s Note

I do not claim these excerpts from my book is the entire story of John’s last years. It is only the part I observed or shared. Some of these situations and conversations have been compressed in order to build a fluid, compelling narrative. I have used extensive dialogue to bring John alive—to create a “fly on the wall” experience for readers. Some may ask, “How can I remember conversations that occurred over thirty years ago?” I have a good memory, and my experiences working for Yoko and John are memorable. They are so powerful—they are impossible to forget.

John Lennon’s music and message of love and peace embraced everyone, and, in return, generations embraced him. He was very human, yet he remains a kind of dislocated deity out of an ancient myth. 

After his death, I started to write down my memories of him and our conversation. It began as a way to grieve; as a way to keep him alive in my heart. I also honored him by staying on and continued to work for Yoko.  

Two years later, when I resigned from Lennono Music, I expected to put this chapter of my life behind me. But the experience had been so profound it still haunted me. So I have continued to write this patchwork of my grieving notes, with the hope these words will dissipate its influence over my life. I also feel embarrassed by this chronicle because, while I had only a peripheral meaning to John and Yoko, they have become a central part of my life experience.

Friends and acquaintances have always asked me, “What was John like.” To answer this question, I’ll tell you a story. One afternoon John and I were off to Cafe Fortuna, his favorite coffee house in the neighborhood. As we walked down West 72nd Street, a young man approached us with an excited expression on his face, astonished to see John Lennon on a street in New York City. Consequently, John started pointing to me, saying, “It’s, it’s John Lennon!” Though he was a multi-millionaire and a musical genius, he didn’t take himself seriously. He considered everyone his equal.

As with any endeavor of this size, there are many people to thank for their support. Among all the names that I will not mention here, two stand out. I literally could not have begun this project without the help and encouragement of Ken Lockerbie and Richard Repas, the owners of Giraffex.com in San Francisco, California. One day I arrived at their office with an 8” floppy disk written in an alien computer code, and a stack of yellow legal pads filled with my hand-written notes. Richard reformatted the files so they could be used on a Macintosh computer. Ken, after reading a few pages of my notes, said, “This is important stuff.” He showed me how to use a Mac and set me up on one at their office. 

This web site is dedicated to John’s fans. 
May his music and message live forever. 

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